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Yurus Reel 4/30/2020

Yurus Reel 4/30/2020

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I am a lawyer with experience on Capitol Hill as well as a broadcast journalist reporting and
anchoring news with the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona. Because of this diverse background, I
am confident I can help your team's clients or station's viewers navigate government, private sector and media related hurdles.

My path into law and media began in the halls of Capitol Hill as a law clerk researching, investigating, drafting policy and learning the rules of the house and senate.

Along the way, I found myself watching press gaggles, eyeing cameras and devouring news
reports. In time, it became evident my inherent abilities would only reach their potential if I
simultaneously employed my passions: law, media and politics. I had to act.

I applied to Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism master’s program — weeks
before classes commenced! Before I knew it, I filled my car to the brim and took off for the
Windy City.

Since then I have field produced, reported, and anchored in major markets, including
Washington, D.C. and Dallas, Texas. I was also CBS Local News's first digital anchor.

Now as an experienced journalist, graduate of George Mason University School of Law, where I
served as chief justice of the moot court board, and licensed attorney in New York, it is time for
me to again grow professionally. 

When I am not telling stories or talking law and politics, I like golfing, hiking, watching the
Yankees, reading non-fiction, exercising, and can be found doing anything that involves water —
swimming, skiing, fishing or boating.

For inquiries, please contact me at mattyurus@gmail.com or 202-615-6017.


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